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MSW student receives Maternal and Child Health Leadership Professional Development Award

Jacqueline Houston participates in simulation activity

Houston facilitates a child forensic interview debrief during a simulated multidisciplinary team meeting. 

Jacqueline Houston, a Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of Public Health concurrent degree student, received the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Leadership Professional Development Award from the USF Center for Excellence in Maternal and Child Health. This award funded her training experience at the Child Welfare Immersive Collaborative

simulation participants in an examination room

Social workers receive guidance regarding pediatrician visit simulation in a staged clinic.

Simulation hosted by the Florida Institute for Child Welfare.

The simulation taught participants about the intricacies of child protection investigations and included a case study and roleplay format. Participants were assigned roles and embodied a spectrum of professionals such as child protective investigators, law enforcement officers, pediatricians, and speech-language pathologists. The simulation mirrored aspects of the investigative process, including the pediatrician visit, trauma-informed investigation planning, the initial family home visit, and the forensic interview debrief. 

simulation participants

Social workers engage in simulated a home visit.

The simulation took place at Florida State University’s Clinical Learning Center within the College of Medicine, providing an authentic backdrop for these simulations in clinic exam rooms and staged homes. As the simulation played out, individuals not actively participating observed remotely from a nearby room, preparing for subsequent debriefings and strategic planning.

"This dual perspective, coupled with the genuine setting, enriched the experience, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the complexities inherent in child protection investigations and facilitating collaborative reflections for effective future interventions," said Houston.

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