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Remembering Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts, LCSW, ACSW, PhD, who retired in May 2022 from the School of Social Work as a professor of instruction, died on Dec. 18, 2022. Her research interests emphasized age bias and prejudicial views toward older people. Until recently she was involved in projects involving the familial and socio-cultural influences upon caregivers of adults of the WWII era. She frequently presented clinical expertise surrounding elders’ hoarding behaviors and optimal treatment for that disorder.

"We remember Jane’s huge contributions to social work and to the School over many years," said Riaan van Zyl, PhD, director of the USF School of Social Work. "I have fond memories of her, and her friendliness and kindness will always stay with me."

Roberts earned her PhD and graduate certificate in gerontology at Virginia Tech and a Master of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University. She had extensive background as a program manager with hospice, as a medical social work director, and as a psychiatric social worker. She was appointed to the University of South Florida in the School of Social Work in 2003 as an assistant professor and served as chair of the Duvall Family Studies Initiative at the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus.

We will remember Roberts not only for her competence as an instructor, researcher, and colleague, but also for her kindness, friendliness, optimism, and support.

"She was a wonderful professor and mentor to my cohort in Sarasota when she first began at USF," said Breun Belcher-Roemmich, MSW, LCSW, one of Roberts' past students and current USF faculty member. "She made sure to celebrate our accomplishments when we graduated in 2005. My cohort friends have shared many great memories and feelings about Jane today. She will always be remembered as being amazing and loved."

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