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Name Title Phone Number
Caroline Fultz-Carver Chief Compliance Officer 813-974-4373
Terry Nealy Associate Compliance Officer 813-974-5403
Jolanda Thompson Office Manager 813-974-4748

Athletics Compliance

Name Title Phone Number
Brendan Armitage Senior Associate Athletics Director 813-974-6885
Tyler Rutledge Assistant Athletics Director 813-974-6454
Hannah Delph Director of Compliance 813-974-1426
Joseph Giamfortone III Director of Compliance 813-974-1096
Madison Christian Assistant Director of Compliance 813-974-5040
Jack Faulkner III Assistant Director of Compliance 813-974-3517

Equal Opportunity-ADA Compliance

Name Title Phone Number
Kenneth Thomas EO and ADA Compliance Officer 813-974-3906
Oriana Thomas EO and Diversity Consultant 813-974-0639
Sonja Jenkins EO and Diversity Consultant 813-974-4255
Shari Wilson ADA Coordinator 813-974-0068

Foreign Influence Compliance

Name Title Phone Number
Jorge Rodriguez Foreign Influence Compliance Officer 813-974-9317

Healthcare Compliance-Billing Integrity

Name Title Phone Number
Jamie Sotelo Healthcare Compliance Officer 813-974-8091
Antoinette Puricelli Billing Integrity Consultant 813-974-8006
Stephanie Ward Billing Integrity Analyst 813-974-8395
Kelly Davis Billing Integrity Analyst 813-974-8092
Jennifer Childress Billing Integrity Analyst 813-396-0271
Amanda Noble Billing Integrity Analyst 813-974-1434

Privacy & Healthcare Civil Rights Compliance

Name Title Phone Number
Barbara Wolodzko USF Health Privacy Officer & Civil Rights Coordinator 813-974-7413
Benjamin Johnson Senior Privacy Analyst 813-974-8093
Trudy Williams HIPAA Privacy Investigator 813-396-0374
Jillian Briceno HIPAA Privacy Investigator 813-396-0273

Title IX/VAWA Compliance

Name Title Phone Number
Margaret Denney Director, Title IX/VAWA Compliance & Title IX Coordinator 813-974-8616
Katie Johnson Assistant Director, Title IX/VAWA Compliance & Deputy Title IX Coordinator 813-974-9901
Jenessa Smith Deputy Title IX Coordinator, USFH 813-974-6092
Jeffrey Van Zandt Title IX Investigator 813-974-3970
Krista Sullivan Title IX Case Manager 813-396-0239