Grants, Agreements, and Partnerships with Foreign Countries of Concern

Grants, Agreements, and Partnerships with Foreign Countries of Concern

Florida Statute, Section 288.860(3) and Board of Governors (“BOG”) Regulation 9.012(8) prohibit the University of South Florida (“USF”) from entering into new or renewed grants, agreements, or partnerships (“FCOC Activities”) with a college or university based in a foreign country of concern (“FCOC”) or with a Foreign Principal without an approved exemption from the BOG. Failure to acquire the approved exemption from the BOG may result in financial sanctions imposed by the BOG on USF.

FCOC Activities are identified as any of the following:

  • Grants – A transfer of money for specified purposes, including a conditional gift 
  • Agreements – A written statement of mutual interest in academic or research collaboration 
  • Partnerships – A faculty or student exchange program, a study abroad program, an articulation program, a recruiting program, or a dual degree program 

All grants, agreements, and partnerships entered into or renewed by USF must be executed by a USF employee with a specific delegation of signature authority as provided in USF Policy 0-100: Delegations of General Authority and Signatory Authority and the University Delegation Index

USF departments and employees are encouraged to review Employment Related FCOC Activities and Non-Employment Related FCOC Activities for additional information on how to request a BOG exemption for a FCOC Activity.

Need more information?

USF stakeholders wishing to learn more on these new legislative and regulatory requirements are encouraged to fill out the following form: Foreign Activity with FCOC Consultation Request.

Guidance and Resources:

Fla. Stat. § 288.860 - International Cultural Agreements
BOG Regulation 9.012 - Foreign Influence
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