Required Disclosures

Outside Activity and Financial Interest

The Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees (FCOE), Fla. Stat. §1012.977, and USF Policy 0-027 requires all USF employees to report certain outside activities, financial interests, and other support. USF employees are defined as individuals coded by Human Resources in Faculty, Administration, Staff, or Temporary (OPS) position types. 

Disclosure Process 

USF has a centralized disclosure system, eDisclose, administered by the Office of Compliance & Ethics to ensure compliance with the FCOE and Fla. Stat. §1012.977. Failure to appropriately disclose outside activities, financial interests, and other support may result in progressive disciplinary action in accordance with established policies and collective bargaining agreements. 

Applicable to All Employees: 

All USF employees are required to disclose outside activities and must receive prior approval for any proposed outside activity. Outside activities may involve one or more of the following: 

1)    Using USF facilities, equipment, or services 

2)    Supervising a USF student or employee 

3)    Waiving or assigning right to inventions or works 

4)    Candidacy for public office 

5)    Compensated activity, depending on your employee position type as follows: 

a.    Faculty must disclose professional compensated activity; whereas, 

b.    Administration, Staff, or Temporary employees must disclose any compensated activity 

6)    Any other activity you should reasonably conclude may create a conflict of interest or commitment 

7)    FOR RESEARCHERS: Activities related to their expertise.

Outside Activity

Additional Disclosure Requirements for Researchers: 

Researchers have additional outside activity and financial interest disclosure requirements under state law. Researchers are any USF employee engaged in the design, conduct, or reporting of research, regardless of their position type. 

Outside Activities

Researchers must disclose all outside activities related to their expertise. 

Financial Interests and Significant Financial Interests

Researchers must disclose all their financial interests which are defined under state law as anything of value they receive from an organization or an individual other than that provided directly by USF. These disclosures must be submitted in eDisclose. In addition, Federal law requires Researchers to disclose their significant financial interests. Due to the complexity of how federal law and sponsoring agencies define significant financial interest, Researchers are encouraged to consult USF Policy 0-309 and contact the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance – Conflict of Interest Program for additional guidance. Significant financial interests must be disclosed in eCOI.



For additional information on specific laws, policies, and responsible units governing these disclosure requirements, please consult the following resources:

Florida Code of Ethics (FCOE)

Fla. Stat. §1012.977

USF Policy 0-027: FCOE for Public Officers and Employees; Compliance and Disclosure

USF Policy 0-309: Individual Conflicts of Interest in USF Research Projects and USF Financial Conflicts of Interests (FCOI)

Office of Compliance & Ethics: eDisclose Resources 

Office of Compliance & Ethics: Outside Activity in a Nutshell 

Office of Research Integrity & Compliance - Conflict of Interest Program