Two hands taking notes on the overview of business programs provided by USF’s Corporate Training and Professional Education.
Round out your skill set and earn the credentials you need to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape. From business analysis to continuous improvement and project management to marketing, USF’s dynamic, interactive courses ensure you’re equipped to identify challenges, overcome obstacles and develop creative approaches to business growth.

Basic Economic Development Course 

Master the essential skills for your role in economic development. Topics include strategic planning, business retention and expansion, marketing and attraction, real estate development and reuse, financing, and small business development.

Basic Office Technology Assessments (powered by Procertas)

Gain technical proficiency in the essential business software used by the majority of companies in the U.S., including Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Modern Management Tools Certificate

USF’s Modern Management Tools Certificate provides the necessary skills and knowledge demanded in a leadership role today. In just two weeks, you’ll gain the practical tools and techniques that can transform you from a good manager to an exceptional one.

Small Business Marketing Certificate

Whether you're doing it for your business or to improve your value to an employer, this certificate program lays the foundation for an overarching marketing strategy, providing a fundamental understanding of marketing in the modern world. Topics range from traditional and digital marketing to content marketing and the marketing funnel and marketing plan and conversion rate optimization. 

Strategies for Effective Client Service Certificate

Master customer service best practices and become a customer-oriented workplace influencer/leader. USF's Strategies for Effective Client Service Certificate will teach you (or your team) customer service strategies to provide an exceptional client experience and obtain better feedback.

Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate

Develop invaluable communication skills that can redefine your career and your business relationships. The Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate will help you master various vital skills, including how to communicate and collaborate in a diverse workplace, listen for better understanding, ask effective questions, negotiate and deliver bad news.


Dedicated cohort offerings specifically for your organization are available for these programs. If you have a group of 10+ participants, we can provide a dedicated session for your team at your convenience on a schedule that best meets your needs. You may also be eligible to receive a group discount. Please reach out to David Hill for information on how a dedicated cohort can be organized for your team.