Round out your skill set and earn the credentials you need to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape. From business analysis to continuous improvement and project management to marketing, USF’s dynamic, interactive courses ensure you’re equipped to identify challenges, overcome obstacles and develop creative approaches to business growth.

Business Analysis Certificate

USF’s Business Analysis Certificate program equips professionals across diverse industries with the tools to analyze, convert and present data. Project and operation managers, business analysts and technical specialists will benefit from our data-driven strategies to finding innovative solutions and providing value to stakeholders.

Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) Certificate Program

USF’s Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World: Cognizant Security Strategy (CSS) Certificate Program offers a fresh approach to the outdated security methods that are no longer useful to organizations in a post-pandemic world. Security departments have erroneously functioned in a reactionary – rather than proactive – role for decades.

Customer Service Professional Program

Master customer service best practices and become a customer-oriented workplace influencer/leader. USF's Customer Service Professional Program will teach you (or your team) customer service strategies to provide an exceptional customer experience and obtain better customer feedback.

Digital Marketing Certificate

Whether you’re doing it for your business or to improve your value to an employer, this certificate program lays the foundation for an overarching marketing strategy, providing a fundamental understanding of marketing in the modern world. Topics range from traditional and digital marketing to content marketing and the marketing funnel and marketing plan and conversion rate optimization.

Immersive Spanish for Business Professionals

Prepare yourself (or your team) to communicate effectively with a rapidly growing segment of your organization’s patrons! This short, immersive program features an introductory course covering the basics of conversational Spanish in the workplace, plus industry-specific courses (coming soon) that delve into terms and phases unique to construction services, customer service, education, law enforcement, restaurants and the health professions.  

Modern Management Tools Certificate

USF’s Modern Management Tools Certificate provides the necessary skills and knowledge demanded in a leadership role today. In just two weeks, you’ll gain the practical tools and techniques that can transform you from a good manager to an exceptional one.

Process Improvement

Learn how to lead projects effectively and improve process skills with our Continuous Improvement Fundamentals course, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Project Management

Obtain new, in-demand project management skills or prepare for your PMP® certification with our project management courses and programs.