Corporate Training and Professional Education

Corporate Training

Partnering with USF for corporate training is a strategic investment for enhanced success. USF offers leadership and professional development programs. Aligning with evolving business needs, USF keeps workforces motivated with practical skills impacting the bottom line. Trusted by partners like Amazon, and Florida Department of Health, USF designs programs to meet current challenges and drive future growth. Led by seasoned experts, these programs boost morale, increase productivity, and foster continuous improvement, signaling a commitment to employees' future. 


Consult with a corporate training specialist for a needs assessment to see how we can help close your employees’ skills gaps. Contact the corporate training team at 813-974-4682

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Programs offered

Process Improvement

Train your team in Lean Six Sigma for improved productivity, quality, and satisfaction, facilitated by expert coaching and tailored services.

Project Management

Master vital project management skills through USF's certificate program for successful business planning, execution, and budget management.

PMP Exam Prep

USF offers PMP® test prep with expert instruction, and tailored courses, ensuring participants are fully prepared to excel in the exam.

Design Thinking Cert

Stonehill Innovation provides practical, project-based Design Thinking courses, fostering empathy-driven solutions that enhance customer experiences,