AI Data & Software Engineering

AI, Data & Software Engineering

Project Management for Engineers

In this self-paced workshop, discover essential elements for successful engineering teams: leadership, management, and team cohesion. Gain insights through stories, scenarios, and practical tools, building a foundation for effective project management.

Business Analytics Science Certificate Program

Get the skills and hands-on practice you need to drive growth, influence decision-making and leverage data to solve problems in this course covering the fundamentals of business analytics, data modeling, SQL, data visualization and more.

Data Anayltics Bootcamp

Enroll in a 6-month online bootcamp with Microsoft to master data analytics. Develop skills in SQL, Microsoft Power BI, and Python through hands-on projects, including a capstone project.

Data Science Bootcamp

In this nine-month, 100% online bootcamp, master data science skills like the Data Science Method (DSM), Python, and machine learning. Choose from one of three specialization areas, and build two portfolio-worthy capstone projects.

Software Engineering Bootcamp

Prepare for a career in software engineering through hands-on projects, a full-stack capstone, 1:1 mentorship, and career services, including technical interview prep.

UI/UX Design Bootcamp

Learn online from an industry-driven curriculum and build a standout design portfolio that can help you switch careers.