Upskill and Reskill

Upskill and Reskill

USF's professional and corporate programs, led by industry experts, offer leadership enhancement and industry-specific education. Taught by practitioners, these courses address organizational challenges, providing practical education for career advancement. Upskill and Reskill provides online and face-to-face options, emphasizing flexibility. USF's programs boast a high success rate, aligning curriculum with market demands for graduates' industry success.

Human Resources

Whether you’re a new HR manager or a seasoned professional, USF’s HR management courses provide the skills you need to succeed in this profession.

Project Management

Excel in business with USF's project management. Master skills to shepherd projects, becoming invaluable to your organization.

Process Improvement

Acquire skills to eliminate waste and address issues arising from business processes, making yourself an invaluable asset to your organization.

Legal and Paralegal

Start a paralegal career or handle professional stress with USF's flexible legal courses. Get the training and credentials for success.

Cyber & National Security

USF's Cyber and National Security certification courses, led by industry experts, offer key skills for advancing in tech careers.

Leadership and Management

Acquire practical leadership and management skills, tailored for both seasoned professionals and newcomers, to excel in corporate settings.

Leadership & Management

Gain crucial leadership and management skills from experienced corporate instructors. Begin your climb up the corporate ladder confidently.

AI, Data & Software

Discover courses and camps for educators, students, and families. From cybersecurity to test prep, our engaging programs enhance skills for success.

Sales and Marketing

USF's dynamic courses offer key skills for success in today's competitive business world, including analysis, improvement, and marketing.

Test Prep

Excel in college and professional exams with USF. Expert instructions and tailored courses ensure comprehensive preparation for success.

K-12 Summer Camps

Discover courses and camps for educators, students, and families. From cybersecurity to test prep, our engaging programs enhance skills for success.

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Upskill and Reskill News

Teaching Vulnerability Skills

Group of CARVER students sit in class working on group project

Luke Bencie, instructor at USF, led CARVER Target Analysis training with 12 security pros and 6 SMI Junior Research Associates.

Bob Delaney Joins USF

bob delaney stands on stage giving a speech

NBA referee Bob Delaney joins USF to lead stress seminars. Shared insights on healthcare, trauma awareness, resilience, and self-care.

TGH and Lean Six Sigma

TGH lean six sigma students pose in group after completing program

35 Tampa General Hospital Cancer Institute members attended Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification training at USF Health.