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Corporate Training

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We partner with companies across the United States to deliver corporate training to their teams. Learn why companies like Amazon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CAE USA, Centene (WellCare) Corporation, and Citibank trust USF Corporate Training and Professional Education with their employee training needs. Your company can become one of the success stories with our on-site or live online training programs.


  • We have the capacity to train your associates on a global scale.
  • Our process improvement training has delivered return on investment to our partners.
  • We’ve been training human resources professionals for over 25 years.
  • Poor performance and low motivation can be signs of disengaged employees. A Gallup poll estimates that disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy $370 billion. Our training will keep your employees engaged and at the top of their game. 


  • Flexibility and Convenience: Our on-site and live online programs eliminate the time and expense of traveling to a training site.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base: You’ll benefit from the wide-ranging resources of a pre-eminent university and its deep connections to the Tampa Bay business community.
  • In-Depth Follow-Up: Every program includes accountability sessions to ensure training concepts are successfully implemented.
  • Maximize Your Success: With USF Corporate Training, your company’s employees and leaders will think and act in ways that leverage their unique talents.
  • Digital Badging: Employees will earn a digital credential backed by USF.
  • Savings: Volume discounts and group pricing are available.

USF’s Office of Corporate Training and Professional Education offers a broad array of programs to give your team the precise education they need to excel in their positions.

The tools our team learned are far more reaching than we could have hoped. It represents a firm stance on professional development for leaders in the workforce and cascades down the organization to all levels. This has instilled a change in the line of thought; not stopping at the symptom, questioning the environment, and implementing mechanisms of control. Sparking natural curiosity and providing the tools and knowledge of application supports our leadership principles and positions us more effectively to scale with growing business demands.

Amazon General Manager

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