Master's Degree

Information Assurance

The master's degree in cybersecurity with a concentration in information assurance provides you with a core foundation of knowledge and applied expertise in information security controls, the regulatory environment, and information risk management and incident response.

Learn how to balance defenses and risks to secure the integrity of information in storage; ensure its accessibility to authorized personnel and inaccessibility to unauthorized personnel; and maintain the confidentiality of an organization or agency's sensitive, identifying and personal data.


It is recommended that students have a background in accounting information systems, database management, and systems analysis and design.

Program Requirements

This concentration requires four core courses, plus five concentration courses, and one practicum course. For a full list of courses, view the Graduate Catalog. View the cybersecurity application deadlines.

Please note that you are required to participate in a three-credit-hour practicum experience as part of this program. This provides an opportunity for you to gain valuable practical experience in the industry while working toward your degree.

Core Courses (12 Credit Hours)

  • Data Network, Systems and Security (3 Credit Hours)

  • Special Topics: Applied Cryptography (3 Credit Hours)

  • Information Security & Risk Management (3 Credit Hours)

  • Decision Processes for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (3 Credit Hours)

Concentration Courses (15 Credit Hours)
Choose from five out of the following six courses, or any other elective pre-approved by the Muma College of Business Information Assurance Concentration Director.

  • Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (3 Credit Hours)

  • Seminar on Software Testing (3 Credit Hours)

  • Advanced Database Management (3 Credit Hours)

  • Project Management (3 Credit Hours)

  • Risk Management and Legal Compliance (3 Credit Hours)

  • Accounting Systems Audit, Control and Security (3 Credit Hours)

Practicum (3 Credit Hours)

  • Independent Study (3 Credit Hours)

For complete details and course descriptions, download the Information Assurance Concentration Course Guide.

Please note that you are required to submit an electronic portfolio demonstrating completion of core program competencies in cybersecurity and in the area of concentration.

View application deadlines and start dates for this degree program.