The mission of the Adult Education program at the University of South Florida is to provide nationally and internationally recognized graduate programs that prepare leaders, faculty and researchers for a wide array of professional positions in colleges and universities, in business, industry, hospitals, governmental settings and other intuitions and organizations dedicated to adult learning.

Students and graduates will be prepared to use principles and practices of adult education, continuing education, and human resource development in their professional careers. 

The program include masters and doctoral work in adult education.  The program is designed to demonstrate excellence in teaching, research and service, supporting the University of South Florida’s strategic goal to become one of the nation’s premier research universities while serving the metropolitan Tampa Bay Region, the state, and the nation as well as the larger global environment.

Faculty in the Adult Education program prepare educational leaders for the dynamic needs of our society through collaborative learning and discovery, and by modeling exemplary leadership in teaching and research. This learning community portrays the best of scholarly rigor, strong connections to the needs of our local community, as well as celebrating the cultural diversity of society’s educational needs. Driven by the commitment to serve all through intellectual engagement for professional and personal growth leads this program to offer graduate training that will shape the future of education and build upon the foundation of scholarly research in the field.