Course Descriptions

  • ADE 6080: Foundations of Adult Education (4 credit hours)
    A study of the adult education movement in the United States from its beginnings to the present lifelong learning enterprise it has become. Economic and cultural factors of the past are examined with a view toward implications for the future.
  • ADE 6160: Program Management in Adult Education (3 credit hours)
    An examination of the methods for establishing a productive adult education program, and the principles and procedures involved in designing, organizing, operating, and evaluating comprehensive adult education programs.
  • ADE 6161: Curriculum Construction in Adult Education (4 credit hours)
    Curriculum scope, the process of planning and organizing instructional programs with emphasis on task analysis and process evaluation. Concentrates on basic principles affecting the planning of Adult Education activities, including an overview of the human forces that both impinge on and motivate human behavior in an adult learning environment.
  • ADE 6198: Effective Continuing Education for Professional Groups
    This course will provide a description, explanation and critique of the goals, processes, outcomes, and issues related to the continuing education of professionals.  An exploration of the design, development and administration of these programs and activities for at least twelve different professions will be undertaken.
  • ADE 6360: Methods of Teaching Adult Education (3 credit hours) 
    An exploration of different methods, techniques, and materials available to help adults learn. Concentration on the process of designing effective learning experiences for adults and developing the competencies of self-directed learning.
  • ADE 6370: Human Resource Development (3 credit hours)
    A study of trainers in business and industry and acquisition of several key competencies required to fulfill this role.       
  • ADE 6385: The Adult Learner (3 credit hours)
    An investigation of the physiological and psychological changes in the adult life span and the implications these have for adult learning capabilities. Concentration on the identification of principles of adult learning, differences between adults and youth as learners, and a review of research on adult learning.
  • ADE 6946: Practicum in Adult Education  (1-6 credit hours)
    A problem-centered field study in the local community, school, government, office, social agency, business, or industry setting.
  • ADE 6971: Thesis: Masters/Education Specialist (2-19 credit hours) 
    S/U.Ma/EdS Candidates only. Thesis/Specialist project hours.
  • ADE 7076: Continuing Ed in the Community College and Higher Ed
    This course will explore the history, relevant research, and the   current practices in community college and higher education continuing education program and administrative units.
  • ADE 7168: Instructional Development for Vocational, Technical, and Adult Ed 
    This course is designed to develop competencies in a systematic approach to instructional improvement including the knowledge and application of curriculum models applied to adult continuing education and human resource development.
  • ADE 7169: Instructional Development For Vocational, Technical, And Adult Education (4 credit hours)
    Open to majors and non-majors, this course is an in-depth examination of theories, principles and applications of contextual teaching and learning (CTL) and similar instructional approaches such as applied learning and authentic learning.  Use of contextual teaching and learning in school-based and non-school based career and workforce education and training settings is considered.
  • ADE 7268: Leadership in Adult Ed, Continuing Ed, and HRD
    This course is a study of administrative theory, public policy analysis, best practices and related research in continuing education and human resource development leadership.
  • ADE 7269: Organization and Administration of Adult Continuing Education and Human Resource Development
    This course provides knowledge and examples of the organization of adult continuing education and human resource development within a variety of agency settings.  This course also examines management principles and practices applied to adult continuing education and human resource development units including the tasks, responsibilities and guidelines used to manage these units effectively.
  • ADE 7388: Adult Development and Learning (3 credit hours)
    PR: ADE 6385 or equiv. This is an advanced, in-depth study of the distinctive characteristics of adult life and learning.
  • ADE 7676: Human Resource Development Policy Seminar
    This course is for advanced graduate study emphasizing complex skills, concepts, and strategies, relating to the adult teaching/learning component and policy formation of human resource development in business, industry, government, and voluntary organizations.
  • ADE 7910: Directed Research in Adult Education (1-4 credit hours)
    PR: Advanced graduate level. Directed research on topics related to adult education.
  • ADE 7930: Seminar in Adult Education (1-4 credit hours)
    PR: Advanced graduate level. Seminar in advanced topics in Adult Education.
  • ADE 7947: Advanced Internship: Adult Education (1-4 credit hours)
    PR: Advanced graduate level only. S/U.
  • ADE 7980: Dissertation (2-30 credit hours)
    PR: Admitted to Candidacy. Dissertation hours.