Meeting the Needs of Working Professionals

Students in the Career and Workforce Education program represent the diverse professional backgrounds associated with the interdisciplinary components of the career and workforce education continuum. They represent the new generation of professionals in the field who are preparing for careers in academia as well as for leadership roles in K-12 education systems, community colleges, community organizations, government and in the private sector.

Cohort Approach

Following a cohort approach to program participation, graduate students enter programs and take core courses as a group to promote a sense of community through shared understandings. Doctoral students are admitted every two years. Master’s degree seeking students are admitted annually and are expected to complete the program in two years.

Part-Time Study

The majority of doctoral students are full-time working professionals in K-12 education, community colleges, university settings, and the private sector seeking professional growth through part-time studies.

Small Learning Groups

To ensure faculty support, only 10-12 students are admitted in doctoral cohorts, while up to 20 students are admitted in master’s degree cohorts.