Master of Arts


Students in USF MA in Career and Technical Education Program

Offered fully online with three on-campus sessions at USF's Tampa campus

The Master of Arts (MA) in Career and Technical Education is designed primarily for career and technical educators and related professionals such as career specialists who work directly with students in career related programs in middle school, high school, technical center and community college settings. The focus of this program is on improving instructional, curricular and related competencies and the development of leadership skills.

The MA program is delivered fully-online and can be completed in a two-year period. There are three Saturday on-campus sessions at USF's Tampa campus. The on-campus sessions enable students to meet program faculty and colleagues. These sessions also orient students about the content of their courses and program. Students will also make presentations and engage in other activities required for courses.  A new cohort is admitted every fall semester.

Instructors in our program have teaching experience in career and technical education programs at the local level as well as many years of experience offering graduate programs at the university level. Each of our faculty members is considered an expert in his or her respective areas of interest within Career and Technical Education and all have published, presented and consulted widely. Our Career and Technical Education faculty pride themselves in having a very student-friendly approach and stand by our mission that "we are here to serve students."

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