Master of Arts in Counselor Education

Admissions Selection and Retention Procedures

Once the Counselor Education Program faculty receive the application materials, the prospective student will be sent acknowledgement that the materials were received. The application file will then be reviewed by the Admissions Coordinator who makes initial recommendations for interviews. A minimum of two program faculty members will be present at these interviews. Those invited to an interview will be asked a series of standard questions and will have the opportunity to ask questions to the interviewers. 

After the interview, admissions decisions will be made by the Admissions Coordinator and the faculty members who interviewed that applicant. It will also be based on the individual’s application, as well as his/her:

  • Career goals and objectives and their relevance to the program
  • Aptitude for graduate-level study
  • Technological competence and computer literacy
  • Potential success in forming effective interpersonal relationships in individual and small group contexts
  • Communication skills
  • Willingness to look at self introspectively
  • Commitment to self-development
  • Knowledge of the counseling field
  • Experience