Master of Arts in Counselor Education


Counselor Education student helps a student during a lesson

The Master of Arts in Counselor Education with a concentration in School Counseling prepares counselors for employment in elementary, middle and/or high schools. The program is designed to produce educationally oriented counselors with broadly-based, multidisciplinary backgrounds. 

Graduates are trained to address the developmental needs of students through provision of individual and group counseling, classroom guidance, academic and behavioral interventions, and consultation with parents and teachers.

Upon completion of the program, students in this plan are eligible to become a Florida Certified School Counselor. 

Course Offerings
Course Number Program Plan Credit Hours
MHS 6006 Trends and Principles of Counseling 4
EDF 6354 Human Development and Personality Theories 4
MHS 6200 Assessment and Appraisal 4
MHS 6700 Legal and Ethical Issues 3
MHS 6340 Career Development 4
MHS 6420 Multicultural Counseling 3
MHS 6400 Counseling Theories and Practices 4
MHS 6509 Group Theory 4
MHS 6800 Counseling Practicum 4
MHS 6601 Consultation 3
EDF 6481 Foundations of Educational Research 3
MHS 6418 School Counseling Accountability 3
SDS 6820 Internship in School Counseling 6
MHS 6311 Online Services in Counseling 3
EDF 6217 Behavior Theory & Classroom Learning 4
MHS 6450 Substance Abuse Counseling 4
TSL 6700 ESOL-School Psychology/Counselor Ed  3
MHS 6470 Human Sexuality Issues 4
EDG 6931 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 3
  Total Hours =70


The program requires students to complete a supervised internship of 600 hours that begins after successful completion of the student's practicum. The internship provides students with an opportunity to perform, under supervision, a variety of counseling and professional activities. It is a full-time internship so please plan ahead.