Bachelor of Science


Early Childhood Education Bachelor’s Degree (B.S.)

Students may complete a state-approved program to be eligible for licensure in Early Childhood Education Pre-Kindergarten/Primary (age 3 – Grade 3). The program of study includes both coursework and extensive field experiences in early childhood settings to enable students to integrate theory with teaching practice.

Upon successful completion of the required courses and associated internships, Early Childhood Education majors will be eligible for teacher certification in the state of Florida for Pre-Kindergarten/Primary (age 3 - Grade 3).

Students proceed through the program in a cohort and are required to complete all the required courses each semester with a grade of “C-“ or better. They must also maintain at least a 2.5 professional education and specialization GPA in order to progress to the next semester.  Students who do not meet these requirements are required to meet with their academic advisor and/or the program’s Professional Standards Committee. As a result, they will not be able to enroll in any of the subsequent cohort classes. 


The College of Education offers a full ESOL Endorsement for all Early Childhood Education major graduates. The special requirements for ESOL endorsement through infusion are as follows: Successful completion of (1) ESOL 1 and 3, with a minimum grade of 70% or better on all sections of the ESOL Comprehensive Exam administered in the ESOL courses; (2) a 20-hour early ESOL field experience in ESOL 1; (3) a late ESOL field experience where students plan, implement, and evaluate lessons for one or more ESOL students over 10 days; and (4) complete all ESOL Chalk & Wire assignments as required, including those in the two ESOL courses as well as the ESOL infused courses.


Students in the Early Childhood Education program participate in three levels of field experiences prior to the final internship. Students who withdraw from or who have unsatisfactory grades in the field experiences or internships must petition the program’s Professional Standards Committee before they will be allowed to retake them. Students must have an overall GPA of 2.5 and a GPA of 2.5 in the combined Professional Core and Teaching Specialization prior to final internship and graduation.  Early release from final internship is not allowed.