Bachelor of Science


When do I start?

All students must meet the admissions requirements and apply to the College of Education before they can register for any courses. Students in the Early Childhood Education program are admitted as part of a cohort of 30-35 students. Only one cohort is admitted each Fall semester. The program is designed to be completed after all general education requirements have been met or an Associate of Arts (AA) degree has been obtained. All students must attend a College of Education orientation before registering for any Early Childhood Education major classes.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

The program is designed to be completed in five (5) semesters, following a cohort model. The cohort structure provides moral support and guarantees that you will get all the classes you need within a five-semester course track. As an Early Childhood Education student, you are required to follow the courses chosen for your cohort.

Can I take courses in the evenings?

Some of our courses are offered in the evenings; however, field experiences and course scheduling require availability during the day. This is a full-time program.

How many field experiences will I have?

You will have a total of three field experiences and a final internship. Each field experience is designed to cover a range of grade levels in the field of Early Childhood Education (Preschool through Primary grades).

Am I allowed to choose the school in which I intern?

No. Your placements will be determined by the program faculty in collaboration with partner schools.

Are there deadlines I need to be aware of?

Yes. There are deadlines for you to register for a college orientation, apply to take the Florida Teacher Certification Exam, submit your final internship application, and apply for graduation. You will receive announcements from the College as well as program faculty, but it is your responsibility to stay informed and adhere to all deadlines!

How do I know when to register?

Prior to the registration period, you will be provided with next semester’s course information and schedule. For your first semester in the program, you will receive the information during the orientation. Your Early Childhood Education classes will not over-enroll; spaces are reserved for all students in your current cohort. However, you are responsible to register for the correct courses in a timely manner.

When is my registration time and day?

Registration appointments are done according to your class level and GPA. You will need to check OASIS (USF’s student access system) for your registration schedule. You will need to clear all holds on your account before you can register. If you have any difficulty using OASIS, please contact the Registrar’s office at (813) 974-2000.