Master of Education

Program of Study

Planned Program of Study

A. Process Core (Min. 6 hours)
Description Course Credit Hours
EDF 6481 Foundations of Educational Research 3
EDF 6211 OR EDF 6938 Psychological Foundations of Education OR Special Topics 3-4
B. Program Core (Min. 6 hours)
Description Course Credit Hours
EDF 6517 OR 6354 OR 6606 Historical Foundations, OR Human Development, OR Socio-economic Foundations of Education 3
EDF 6432 Foundations of Measurement 3
C. Content Specialization (9 hours)
Description Course Credit Hours
EEC 6678 Research Seminar: Issues, Trends and Advocacy in Early Childhood Education 3
EEC 6415 Diversity in Home and School 3
EEC 6626 EC: Play and Learning 3
D. Focus in _________ (12 hours)
Description Course Credit Hours
Elective   3
Elective   3
Elective   3
Elective   3

E. Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam is a six-week long paper assignment (two papers, 15 pages each) completed at the end of the program. It must be taken with one other course, or by registering for two independent study credit hours. The exam is offered each Fall and Spring semester.


The Process and Program Core courses are generally available on a regular basis. One early childhood (EEC) Content Specialization course is offered each Fall and Spring semester. Students will select a focus in Reading, Teacher Leadership, Positive Behavior Support, or Interdisciplinary Studies and choose 4 electives. These may include:

Reading Focus 

  • RED 6749 History and Foundations of Reading and Literacy within STEM Discipline
  • RED 6544 Cognition, Comprehension, and Content Area Reading
  • RED 6545 Vocabulary and Word Study
  • RED 6540 Assessment in Developing Literacies
  • RED 6846 Practicum in Reading

Teacher Leadership Focus 

  • EDE 6076 Teacher Leadership for Student Learning
  • EDE 6486 Teacher Research for Student Learning
  • EDE 6556 Coaching for Student Learning
  • EDE 6366 Professional Development for Student Learning

Positive Behavior Support Focus

  • MHS 6410 Intensive Individualized Positive Behavior Support
  • MHS 6607 Behavior Consultation and Collaborative Systems Change
  • MHS 6608 School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
  • MHS 6605 Addressing Behavior Challenges in Young Children

Interdisciplinary Focus 

The student selects a variety of courses that provide interdisciplinary perspectives on Early Childhood Education.