Education Specialist

Program of Study


The Education Specialist in Educational Leadership consists of 30 hours of required coursework.

Area A: Required 7000 Level Courses (15 Hours)

Area B: Required 6000 Level courses (9 hours)

Area C: Capstone Project (6 hours)

All students enrolled in the Ed.S. in Turnaround School Leadership must successfully complete a capstone project. The capstone project will be completed by project groups consisting of 3-4 students who are assigned by faculty to work on an issue of leadership practice based on interest, expertise, and programmatic priorities. Project development, inquiry, and completion is overseen by a committee of a major professor and two other faculty members. 

Current Rotation of Courses (Please be aware that these could be adjusted, dependent on enrollment)
Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester

EDA 7692: Issues in Curriculum and Instruction

EDA 7215: Appreciative Inquiry and Organizing for Public Education

EDA 7069:  Ethics in Educational Leadership

EDA 7281: Educational Politics and the Engagement of Communities 

EDA 6213: Culturally Relevant Leadership              

EDA 6106: Analysis and Change

EDA 6931: Case Studies in School Administration 

EDA 7197: Critical Readings in Educational Leadership

EDA 6971: Capstone A: 3 hours

EDA 6971: Capstone B: 3 hours