The Educational Psychology Program in the College of Education offers a Ph.D. specialization in Educational Psychology.

Our program prepares graduates to be conscientious researchers who apply the scientific method to real-world educational problems. Our primary program goals are:

The program is a mentorship model so students become part of a faculty advisor’s research team upon matriculation. Every student will have experiences in both research and teaching practice.

Educational Psychology, in addition to offering a PhD specialization, serves as a service program for the undergraduate and graduate level teacher preparation programs throughout the College of Education. As a service program we offer Educational Psychology courses that meet the state requirement for teacher preparation.

At the undergraduate level, we teach required courses for undergraduate degrees within the Department of Teaching and Learning. At the master’s level we teach required courses for the MAT in elementary education and several M.A. and M.Ed. programs including adult education, career and technical education, counselor education, early childhood education, exceptional student education, instructional technology, and school psychology.