Student Information

Below are a collection of links and documents frequently used by students in the Educational Psychology program.

Educational Psychology Graduate Handbook

This handbook is the official policy document for those who are completing a Ph.D. Specialization in Educational Psychology at the University of South Florida. The information in this handbook has been adopted and approved by the Educational Psychology faculty members who work with doctoral students.

USF Graduate Catalog

The USF graduate catalog includes all policies, procedures, and major and course descriptions in effect at the time of publication. USF reserves the right to repeal, change, or modify the policies, procedures, majors, and course descriptions at any time.

Professional Dispositions Statement/Contract

The highest levels of ethical and professional conduct are expected of all professional educational psychologists and educational psychologists in training. Learn more about the Educational Psychology program's professional dispositions.

College of Education Graduate Support Office

The Graduate Support Office provides advising and administrative support to the College of Education graduate community and its partners to foster an environment of student success and academic excellence.

Graduate Life at USF

Learn more about the opportunities that await you as a graduate student at the University of South Florida.

USF College of Education Ph.D. Forms

Visit the USF Office of Graduate Studies website to access important forms and information for USF graduate students.