The Educational Psychology program consists of a minimum of 70 credit hours and requires 8 semesters to complete. Students in the Educational Psychology program participate in a mentorship model and become part of a faculty member’s research team. Every student has the opportunity to engage in both teaching and research experiences.

Core Requirement (3 credit hours)

Educational Psychology Concentration Requirements (30 hours minimum)

Specialization Coursework:

Cognate Area (12 hours minimum)

A cognate provides specialized knowledge in another discipline. The intention is to provide students with a broad but closely related understanding of a topical interest, so they can use information from one field to  combine the points of view into new knowledge and engage in interdisciplinary scholarship and research.  Students typically choose a cognate during their first year in the program.

To complete a cognate in Educational Psychology, doctoral students need to complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of coursework at the 7000 level. Possible cognates for students to participate in include: Reading, Special Education, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership, Measurement/Evaluation, or various Secondary Education subject areas (e.g., English, Science, Social Studies).

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For additional information, please contact:
Dr. Sarah Kiefer,
Associate Professor and Coordinator
Educational Psychology Program Area
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