The English Education program at USF aims to develop and support secondary teachers of English Language Arts of all backgrounds and at all levels (bachelors, masters and doctoral) as they expand access to literacy, empower language users, encourage critical thinking, create and deepen professional communities, and continue to learn and to share what they know.

Vision Statement

Teachers in our English Education programs learn how to foster and study students’ construction of, and participation in, public and private worlds through their diverse uses of English and the related arts, sciences, and media of language.

The USF English Education Program offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees. We encourage you to explore each of our degree programs to see which works best for you!

If you are moving to another state…

In a number of states, graduates of CAEP accredited professional education programs are eligible for interstate reciprocity when applying for a license. This list is available on our Teacher Certification, FTCE Support Resource page.

Professional and Learned Societies