Higher Education Administration

Co-Curricular Experiences

Our program faculty strive to provide scholarly experiences to enhance student’s doctoral studies. Numerous options are available to students which include (but are not limited to) the possibilities listed below:

  • Observe and critique at least two proposal and two dissertation final defenses (two within the department and two outside, if possible)
  • Organize a major part of a conference or a doctoral student colloquia/symposia
  • Author and/or co-author at least one refereed journal article (must be research-based)
  • Participate in research project with an approved faculty member
  • Attend one national and one higher education conference
  • Deliver a formal presentation on a research area of interest (to faculty or at a professional meeting)
  • Assist a professor to teach a course, including presenting or facilitating several units
  • Conduct a significant job-shadowing experience with someone in a position consistent with your professional goals 

Each of these options is dependent upon the availability of faculty. Students should discuss with their faculty advisor which of these activities would enhance their residency experience.

By the end of the second semester of the student's coursework, or before the student has completed 15 hours of graduate coursework, the student will select a Program of Study Committee. These are comprised of a minimum of four credentialed faculty members, one of whom serves as a chairperson, or two of whom serve as co-chairs. One member must also be from outside the Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs programs. This committee will be responsible for developing students’ Program of Study and designing and evaluating their qualifying examination.