Educational Specialist in Reading/Language Arts (Hybrid)

Program of Study

The Ed.S. in Reading/Language Arts is a 36 hour program that includes courses in (1) research methods, (2) literacy theory and research, and (3) a thesis project.

(1) Research Methods Focus: Program Evaluation (12 hours)

The program includes one survey of research course (3 hours) and a three-course sequence (9 hours) to develop research skills in program evaluation. Through these courses, the Specialist will learn the skills necessary to solve practical problems related to literacy teaching and learning. 


(2) Literacy Theory and Research Focus (15 hours)

Each student will select one particular focus within literacy (e.g. Adolescent Literacy, Literature in Education, Literacy Policy). The student works with a faculty committee to develop his or her particular program of study.

LITERACY FOCUS: Choose Your own Focus (15 HOURS)

Adolescent & Adult Literacy

Early Childhood Literacy

Elementary Literacy

Literacy and the Arts

Literature in Education

Literacy Policy

Multimedia Navigation and Composition

Reading Processes and Assessment

(3) Comprehensive Exam and Thesis (9 hours)

Prior to degree authorization, candidates must perform satisfactorily on a comprehensive examination or an alternative method to measure student competency in their major area. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of two (2) hours of graduate credit during the semester when the comprehensive examination is taken. If the exam is taken between semesters, the student must be enrolled for a minimum of two hours of graduate credit in the semester before or following the exam.

*A thesis is a document in which the student presents his or her original research. The thesis project is designed and executed by the student in consultation with his or her Ed.S. faculty committee.