Reading Endorsement (Online)

Program of Study

The Online Reading Endorsement consists of the following five courses. Each of these courses can be applied toward a Masters in Reading degree:

  • RED 6749: History and Foundations in Reading and STEM Disciplines (3 credits) (Endorsement Course)
    Introduces historical approaches to literacy, traces the history of science/STEM movement in Education, presents connections between current research and practice and former models in literacy, and their deployment with STEM areas of curriculum.

  • RED 6544: Cognition, Comprehension and Content Area Reading: Remediation of Reading Problems (3 credits)(Endorsement Course) In-depth study of reading comprehension. Emphasis is placed on discussion of the concepts of cognition and learning, metacognition and comprehension of text included in the reading process. Process in the reading/writing, connection, specific reading strategies, and procedures for comprehension of text in the content areas are presented.

  • RED 6545: Learning Disciplinary Literacy through Vocabulary and Word Study (3 credits)(Endorsement Course)
    Focuses on literacy acquisition and academic language. Students will examine models and practices for helping youth build academic vocabulary and word knowledge across authentic disciplinary contexts and different academic disciplines.

  • RED 6540: Assessment in Developing Literacies (3 credits)(Endorsement Course)     
    This course is a classroom based course in pk-6 literacy assessment. Students use reading assessments to improve reading of all pk-6 students. Students will develop their capacity for integrating literacy assessment and intervention with in STEM content areas for young readers.

  • RED 6846: Practicum in Reading (3 credits)(Endorsement Course)
    Practicum in Reading is a graduate course covering topics relevant to assessment and remediation of literacy in school-aged children. Students work with struggling readers. Intervention is also directed at implementing reading strategies within STEM areas.