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Student Financial Assistance

Undergraduate Students

The College of Education awards more than $400,000 in scholarships to students each year through private funding. Through this funding, we are able to provide students the opportunity to finance their education and leave USF with not only a promising career in education, but also with as little student debt as possible. Some scholarships are need-based, some are merit-based; others are awarded to students studying for a particular degree or are based on student achievements.

To learn more about scholarships available to students in the College of Education, please contact your academic advisor in Student Academic Services.

Graduate Students

There are a number of federal grant, loan and repayment programs available to graduate students at USF. Many colleges and departments at USF employ students as graduate assistants on a competitive basis to teach, conduct research, or carry out other relevant tasks that contribute to the student's professional development. The number of positions available is based on funding from the university and grants awarded to faculty. 

The University of South Florida also offers fellowship opportunities for new and continuing graduate students. The University of South Florida also offers fellowship opportunities for new and continuing graduate students. These are funds that are awarded by national, regional, or private foundations or agencies to individual graduate students. Some of these fellowships are only available to students through nominations by their Program/Department, while others are available by direct submission from students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Students are encouraged to inquire about scholarships, grants, loans and repayment programs to help finance their education. To learn more about financial aid at USF, visit the Financial Aid website.

Robert Noyce USF Scholarship Programs

Students accepted into either the Science Teaching Accelerated Master's Program (STAMP) or the MAT Program are eligible to apply for the Robert Noyce USF Scholarship Program for Science Majors. This scholarship (funded by the National Science Foundation Grant No. DUE-1439776) provides $30,000 per student to up to 12 students each year. More information:

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