Doctor of Philosophy Concentration


Offered on USF's Tampa campus

The Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Social Science Education prepares social studies teacher educators, researchers, curriculum specialists, and policy leaders.

Students in the program acquire the knowledge and skills to develop and implement high quality and innovative social studies practices that are informed by foundational and contemporary scholarship in the field. This distinctive program provides opportunities for students to work closely with faculty on research, teacher education, global initiatives, and innovation in Social Science Education.  

The goals of the program are to prepare social science education professionals who:

  • Conduct sound research on important issues in social science education and disseminate the results of that research in appropriate ways
  • Advocate best practices in teacher training
  • Engage in responsible innovation
  • Contribute to standards-based school reform and improvement
  • Exhibit professional and ethical standards appropriate to their role as leaders in the field
  • Support the preparation of effective, committed and ethical professionals in social sciences education

Our graduates are prepared to serve as professors in colleges and universities as well as school district administrators and curriculum specialists.