Welcome to the Technology in Education and Second Language Acquisition (TESLA) Ph.D. program and to the world of doctoral study! We are glad you are visiting to learn more about what the TESLA program entails.

Formerly known as Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology, the program was recently reconceptualized and renamed Technology in Education and Second Language Acquisition in April 2015. TESLA remains a unique, interdisciplinary program in the College of Education that includes faculty members from both the Foreign Language Education/ESOL program and the Instructional Technology programs. This collaboration is a proven model for its innovative design, curriculum, and delivery.

TESLA prides itself on preparing students for the university setting by cultivating well-rounded professionals with strengths reaching beyond traditional academic areas. All of our students are of high competence and drawn from a competitive local, national, and international talent pool.

Upon admission, TESLA students become part of the TESLA family of faculty and students. As active members of committees and research teams, TESLA students gain valuable experience in teamwork, problem solving, curriculum innovation, and academic administration. They also engage in guided scholarly inquiry, present their research at key conferences, and gain experience in writing grant proposals. Graduate students are also frequently invited to serve as members of academic search committees to expose them to one of the less public aspects of academic life.

TESLA doctoral students work in cohorts. In this supportive environment, many students form lifelong friendships with peers as they progress through their program and grow intellectually.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the TESLA program to learn more about whether or not our program is the right fit for you. 

-The TESLA Faculty and Staff