Checklist for U.S. Students

Consult the TESLA Faculty for information regarding enrollment in prerequisite course work before registering for first-semester classes. Prerequisites will be determined on an individual basis in direct consultation with faculty.

Explore Health Insurance Options

Graduate Assistants are eligible to receive a subsidy from the University to help offset part of the cost of health insurance, making it more affordable to participate in the USF Student Health Insurance Plan. For more information, visit the Student Health Services website.

Submit Immunization Information

According to Florida Administrative Code Rule 6C-6.001(5), “Each student accepted for admissions shall, prior to registration, submit on a form provided by the institution a medical history signed by the student.” As a prerequisite to admission or registration, the State University System of Florida requires all students born after 1956 to present documented proof of immunity to measles (Rubeola) and rubella (German Measles).

Contact Program Faculty to Discuss Graduate Teaching Assistantships/Research Assistant Appointments (if applicable)

Register for Classes

Students will work with their faculty advisor regarding which courses they should enroll in. They will register online using OASIS and must enroll for the term to which they have been admitted to validate their admission. Students who cannot enroll for the admitted term must request a deferment of admission directly from the TESLA program. For more information, visit the USF Graduate Catalog, Deferment of Admission/Update Request section.

Obtain Your USF ID Card

Identification cards can be obtained from the USF Card Center. The USFCard is the official identification card of the University of South Florida. The USFCard is a multi-functional card with digitized photo and electronic identification and validation for departments needing to verify student and/or employee status. The USFCard was designed as a platform for a multitude of services and functions.

Activate Your USF NetID and Access Your USF email

All admitted USF students will be given Google mail accounts to host their email. The email address assigned will start with the person's NetID and end with With Gmail, students are given unlimited storage, and access to Google Apps. You can learn more about USF email on the Information Technology website.

Secure Living Accommodations/Apartment

There are multiple options available to students for housing: