Program of Study

The Technology in Education and Second Language Acquisition (TESLA) program consists of 67 minimum credit hours. Below are the courses that students take to complete degree program requirements.

Core Requirements (40 credit hours)

Technology in Education/Instructional Technology (9 credit hours)

Second Language Acquisition (15 credit hours)

Statistics/Measurement/Research Design (15 credit hours)

 *Other relevant research course(s) as needed.

Electives (18 credit hours)

Courses are selected with the approval of the student’s program advisor or committee with a minimum of nine (9) credit hours completed in Second Language Acquisition. Elective coursework must be taken at the graduate and/or advanced graduate level.

Examples of Elective Coursework Offered:

Second Language Acquisition:

Technology in Education/Instructional Technology:

Education and Psychology

*Other course(s) as needed

Dissertation (9 credit hours)

Total credit hours = 67