Augmented and Virtual Reality Projects

Force and Motion App

Student with virtual reality headset on

AR Application Under Construction:

We are currently in the process of recoding our Force and Motion application, with an expected release date of June 2023. In addition, we are also developing a new application called Newton's Cannon, which will also be available at that time.

Our goal by December 2023 is to further expand our AR applications that illustrate concepts in Thermodynamics, Optics, and Magnetism. 

Rosegrant's Virtual STEM Research Lab designed and developed the application to utilize the Merge Cube. It is 2 ¾ inches on each side with a unique well designed pattern recognizable by the camera. Rosegrant's Virtual STEM Research Lab used the Merge Cube SDK to implement a holographic space in the cube. When the users point the cellphone camera to it, they will see a spaceship within a star field that creates the effect of flying through space. The right side Menu on the screen has buttons to represent the three dimensions.

Student using augmented reality on their phone

Once selected it activates a second screen where users manipulate the initial velocity, force, force duration and force delay. After making a selection and launching the simulation, a rocket blasts visually represents force and an arrow represents the direction of motion. On the left side users have real-time data for and can create graphs of displacement, velocity or acceleration.


iOS version coming soon.

Here is a free lab to get you started. This lab is designed for conceptual physics to help students learn how force is related to acceleration, not necessarily motion.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the app:

Special thanks to my partners at Kennesaw State University: Rongai Guo, former Assistant Professor in the Department of Software Engineering and Game Development Devan Patel, former student in the Department of Software Engineering and Game Development.