Initiatives and Resources


Recently, a near million dollar renovation was completed to create a state of the art STEM Inquiry Lab. This lab is not only for Science and Mathematics but to integrate STEM across all of the degrees and disciplines. The STEM lab was opened for the 2018 St. Petersburg Science Festival. Hundreds of students visited the lab and over 1000 guests came out to look at what the Rosegrant's Virtual STEM Research Lab was doing during the science festival. Students who take Science for All (SCE 4313) ran the various stations to both students and special guests.

More about STEM Lab

The lab features 3D printing, Virtual and Augmented reality, maker spaces, coding stations and many different types of robotics programs

Now, with the addition of the Hubs and camera system in 2021, Rosegrant's Virtual STEM Research Lab is truly able to bring some incredible classes, professional development and workshops to your home.

Looking ahead into 2022 Rosegrant's Virtual STEM Research Lab is developing an Emerging Technology and Innovation Lab. This lab will house Virtual Reality stations, 3D monitors, and more! Come back for more details!

Girl Scouts and STEM

People using Dr. Rosengrant's Virtual STEM Lab

Gone are the days of written final examinations. Rosengrant's Virtual STEM Lab is working with future teachers so it only makes sense that the teachers have experiential learning experiences. In the spring semesters, the Rosengrant's Virtual STEM Lab Science for All students work with area girl scouts to train them how to teach the various Girl Scout Badges.

In the Rosengrant's Virtual STEM Lab's first year, multiple girls scouts were trained who went on to help 160 Girl Scouts get 6 Badges in STEM and Robotics.


St. Petersburg Science Festival

Experiential learning is key for our future educators. Every fall semester our students get involved with the St. Petersburg Science Festival which is held the second weekend in October on our campus. Being a teacher, it is important to know that learning does not always occur in the classroom and working events like this helps our students learn how to educate beyond the four walls.

If you want to learn more about the festival itself visit their website. There are a plethora of resources when we were forced to go virtual but you can also keep up to date with current events and announcements.