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Sanjukta Bhanja, PhD
Professor, Executive Associate Dean

Office: ENB 376 | Lab: ENB 349A | 813-974-4755 | Email 


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University of South Florida (2002)

Dr. Bhanja's research is in nano-computing using Beyond-CMOS Emerging Technologies: modeling, fabrication, characterization and design automation harnessing unique properties of the nano-devices. Her recent work focuses on nano-magnetic logic, spin-couple computing, organic spintronics, straintronics, resistive logic/memory in creating unique computing paradigm. The target application domains are futuristic programmable magnetic grids for Computer Vision applications, data-centric embedded/ secured computing, Graphical Probabilistic Models for Stochastic High Performance Computing and next generation memories.

Alexandro Castellano

Alexandro Castellanos, PhD
Associate Professor of Instruction

Office: ENB 379D | 813-974-1025 | Email


University of South Florida (2006)

Dr. Castellanos's research interests lie in the area of cyber physical systems, embedded systems, Internet of things (IoT) and control theory for industrial applications in the areas of Mechatronics and Industrial Automation.


Morris Chang, PhD

Office: ENB 255 | 813-974-4894 | Email


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North Carolina State University (1993)

Dr. Chang's research interests are in the broad area of computer and wireless networking systems, with recent emphasis on cybersecurity: Attribution, Program Analysis for cybersecurity and privacy-preserving Internet Computation; Energy-aware mobile and cloud systems; Energy-efficient wireless networks.


Kwang-Cheng Chen, PhD
Professor, Fellow - IEEE

Office: ENB 245 | 813-974-1023 | Email 


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University of Maryland, College Park (1989)

Dr. Chen's research interests lie in information communication technology essential to digital society, particularly in large networks and computations. Specific interests include large communication networks: Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems and Edge Computing, 5G Mobile Communications and Beyond, Ad Hoc Sensor Networking, In-Network Computations and Approximate Computing, Cognitive Radio Networks, Secure Communications and Resilient Networks; Large Information Networks: Social Networks, Big Data Analytics, Multi-Agent Systems and Collective Behavior, Fusion and Decision on Heterogeneous/ Multimodal Data, Biochemical Reaction Networks and Applications to Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology, Decision under Uncertainty, and Cybersecurity and Privacy

larry dunleavy

Larry Dunleavy, PhD

Office: ENB 364 | 813-974-2574 | Email 

Lingling Fan

Lingling Fan, PhD, PE

Office: ENB 372 | 813-974-2031 | Email

Christos Ferekides

Christos Ferekides, PhD
Department Chair, Professor

Office: ENB 379B | 813-974-4818 | Email


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University of South Florida (1991)

Dr. Ferekides' research interests include thin-film electronic materials and devices for optoelectronic applications; thin film depositions and properties; device fabrication and characterization.

Nasir Ghani

Nasir Ghani, PhD
Professor, Dir. MS Cybersecurity, Academic Research Dir. Cyber Florida

Office: ENB 374 | 813-974-4772 | Email

Drew Hoff

Drew Hoff, PhD
Professor, Graduate Program Dir.

Office: ENB 248 | LAB: ENB 111 | 813-974-4958 | Email


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Penn State University (1988)

Dr. Hoff's research interests include: Afterglow chemical processing of materials for electronics, sensor, and MEMS applications; Oxide formation on Si & SiC, Diamond processing, Surface Conditioning, Noncontact Corona Kelvin Metrology of electronic materials; Dielectrics, SiC, Corona Ion-Assisted delivery of drugs and DNA to Skin and Tissue, Noncontact voltage and corona characterization of cells and tissue, Contamination monitoring and control in IC Manufacturing, Microsystem and MEMS fabrication, Integrated Circuit manufacturing and in-line testing, and Workforce development and training for technology professionals.

Chung Seop Jeong

Chung Seop Jeong, PhD
Associate Professor of Instruction

Office: ENB 253 | 813-974-6415 | Email 


Marquette University (2007)

Dr. Jeong's research interests lie in the area of control systems with specialty in designing resilient, robust, optimal, and adaptive observers and controllers for linear, nonlinear, stochastic, and chaotic systems.


Zhuo Lu, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: ENB 347 | 813-974-8259 | Email

Zhixion Miao

Zhixin Miao, PhD, PE

Office: ENB 370 | 813-974-4237 | Email

Wilfrido A. Moreno

Wilfrido A. Moreno, PhD

Office: ENB 254 | 813-974-4775 | Email


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University of South Florida (1993)

Dr. Moreno's research interests are: Energy, Power Electronics and Controls Option Supervisor- Primary areas of interest include System integration for industrial applications in the areas of Industrial Controls & Instrumentation, Robotics, Digital Signal Processing, Reconfigurable Architectures, Analog-Digital Mixed Signal Design & Synthesis, Communications and Biomedical Engineering. Other areas of current interest are the use of Lasers in developing new methods and techniques for electronic circuitry interconnects and test validation of VLSI fault tolerant designs, Laser Restructuring for quick prototyping of electronic circuits; laser machining and Multimedia & Instructional Technologies Solutions for Engineering Education including Distance Learning.

Gokhan Mumcu

Gokhan Mumcu, PhD

Office: ENB 362 | 813-974-8178 | Email


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The Ohio State University, (2008) 

Dr. Mumcu's research is focused on electromagnetic theory, computational electromagnetics, THz imaging systems, metamaterials and their applications to small directive radiators and printed miniature antennas.

Dr. NAeini

Mia (Mahshid) Naeini, PhD
Assistant Professor

Office: ENB 244A | 813-974-1597 | Email


Ashwin B. Parthasarathy, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: ENB 257 | 813-974-7407 | Email

Stephen E. Saddow

Stephen E. Saddow, PhD

Office: ENB 243 | 813-974-4773 | Email

Ravi Sankar

Ravi Sankar, PhD, PE

Office: ENB 373 | 813-974-4769 | Email


iCONS Research Group | Fact Sheet

Penn State University (1985)

Dr. Sankar's main research interests are in the multidisciplinary areas of wireless communications, networking, signal processing and its applications. In particular, in the communications and networking area, his research interests are on the resource and mobility managements of wireless cellular, ad-hoc, and sensor networks, energy-efficient protocol design and cross-layer optimization. In the signal processing area, emphasis is on all aspects of processing from feature extraction, coding, and recognition to machine learning applied to speech, biomedical and other signals and in integrating intelligent techniques including the use of neural networks and fuzzy logic in the simulation, modeling, and design of high performance and robust systems. His current focus is on the use of wearable sensors and technologies for advancing health care.

Rudy Schlaf

Rudy Schlaf, PhD

Office: IDRB 202F | 813-974-8463 | Email


Surf Science Lab | Fact Sheet

Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany (1995)

Dr. Schlaf's main research interests currently span the following areas: Spray based deposition of macro-molecular thin films and interfaces, photoemission spectroscopy on organic semiconductor/bio-materials interfaces, work function measurements, directed assembly of macromolecular materials, biosensors, thin film photovoltaics, and electronic structure and growth phenomena of atomic layer deposition thin films.

Arash Takshi

Arash Takshi, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: ENC 2502 | Phone: 813-974-1121 | Email


Bio-Organic Electronics Group | Fact Sheet | Google Scholar

University of British Columbia (2007)

Dr. Takshi's primary research interest research is in the field of renewable energy. In particular, he is interested in the research on bio/organic solar cells. He believes that employing new materials can push the limits in solar cells, beyond what silicon technology can offer. Furthermore, using emerging materials, new devices with special features can be developed to address some of the existing challenges in the application of renewable energy.

Sylvia Thomas

Sylvia Thomas, PhD
VP for Research & Innovation, President & CEO USF Research Foundation, Inc.

Office: ENB 368 | 813-974-4011 | Email


Advanced Materials Bio & Integration Research Laboratory | Fact Sheet

Howard University (1999)

Dr. Thomas' research and teaching endeavors are in the areas of Advanced Materials for applications in alternative energy sources, sustainable environments, and bio-applications for nano-electro mechanical system (NEMS) devices – nanowires and nanoparticles. Her research explores the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth nucleation, film characterization, and device fabrication of III-V and II-IV materials, such as AlN and SiC. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature and fosters collaborations with Chemical and Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Public Health, Medicine, and the Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Research Center (NNRC).

Ismail Uysal

Ismail Uysal, PhD
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Dir.

Office: ENB 366 | 813-974-8823 | Email



Stavros Vakalis, PhD
Assistant Professor

Office: ENB 361 | Email



Jing Wang, PhD

Office: ENB 378 | 813-974-6011 | Email


Transducers Group | Fact Sheet Google Scholar

University of Michigan (2006)

Dr. Wang's research interests include nano/microfabrication, nanomaterials, RF MEMS devices, on-chip power generation, microfluidics, MEMS transducers, RF integrated circuit, wide bandgap materials, polymer nanocomposite and responsive polymers.


Yasin Yilmaz, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: ENB 251 | 813-974-4788 | Email

Emeritus Faculty Courtesy Faculty Adjunct Faculty*
  • Kenneth Buckle
  • Richard Gitlin iWinlab
    Distinguised University Professor, Emeritus
    Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE) 
    Fellow: NAI, AAAS, IEEE, and Bell Labs
  • Arthur David Snider
  • Thomas Wade
  • Lee Stefanakos
  • Yoganand (Yoga) Balaguranathan
  • Prasanta Kumar Biswas
  • Anna Pyayt
  • Ghulam Rasool
  • Ehsan Sheybani
  • Pei-yuan Wu
  • Kaiqi Xiong
  • Michael Celestin
  • James Culver
  • Timothy Fawcett
  • Jorge Galvis
  • Joel Howell

*May not be scheduled to teach every semester