Program Overview

The faculty of the Electrical Engineering Department at USF takes great pride in providing a high quality education to our more than 400 graduate students and invites you to consider joining us in advancing the frontiers of knowledge. Our student body is diverse, our research spans experimental and theoretical studies of many fundamental areas of electrical engineering, and we enjoy strong partnerships throughout industry and with prominent national laboratories and federal agencies. Most importantly our graduate students benefit from the dedicated, personal guidance of our faculty.

These research areas are supported by state-of-the-art facilities for nano/micro fabrication, metrology and characterization, as well as industry-standard computer-aided-design and simulation software. We also emphasize the professional development of our students through high-quality scholarly publications, presentations at international conferences, and participation in grant proposal development. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students, whose work is consistently recognized with technical conference presentation awards and prestigious national scholarships and fellowships.

The faculty of electrical engineering hails from some of the finest institutions in the country, and includes NSF CAREER Award winners, Fellows of the IEEE and AAAS, Distinguished University Professors, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. Many serve in national leadership roles in technical societies such as the IEEE, have industry experience to complement their academic backgrounds, and lend their expertise to federal agencies such as The National Science Foundation and The National Institutes of Health. Some are very entrepreneurial and have founded spin-off companies based on their research. This diversity of experience enriches the learning and experiences of our students.

We value the multi-disciplinary opportunities afforded by electrical engineering. As a graduate student, you may find yourself working with engineers in other departments, medical doctors, chemists, biologists, physicists or marine scientists. Together with our dedicated faculty and excellent facilities, these exciting research opportunities have helped us to attract top students to our department and prepare them for enriching careers.