MS in Electrical Engineering

Students in the Masters Electrical Engineering Department can select an area of specialization or follow a more broad course track through the MSEE with no concentration.  

The current course offering schedule can be found through the USF Dynamic Schedule.

*All Electrical Engineering Graduate students may only take EE courses during their first semester.

Thesis or non-thesis
30 Credit Hours required 

*The core and math sequences, 18 credit hours,
must be completed during the first two semesters*

12 credits  Any 4 core courses as defined by your selected track
6 credits
  • Random Processes
  • Linear and Matrix Algebra
  • Track Math
24 credits (including the above) Regularly scheduled EE coursework


Additional 6 credits total combined of track elective, outside of department (with prior agreement of Track supervisor), project, or graded internship or independent study credits.
Comprehensive exam.

6 Credits of thesis research.
Defend and publish thesis.
Comprehensive exam.
Comprehensive Exam: 
For non-thesis students this is first attempted the semester prior to the intended graduating semester (up to 2 attempts permitted). See Portfolio in graduate handbook.  Students must register by the end of the first week of classes with the Graduate Program Specialist.
For thesis students, the thesis defense serves as the MS comprehensive exam.

Course Focus Areas

*All Electrical Engineering Graduate students are required to take only EE courses during their first semester. Following the first semester, with advisor and departmental approval, masters students can take up to 6 hours of course work outside the EE department.

A comprehensive search of all courses can be made on the USF Course Inventory website, offerings are subject to change by semester based on faculty and space availability. 

Comprehensive Exam |Graduate Course Portfolio
(For Non-Thesis Master's Students in the Electrical Engineering Department)

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