Thesis, Dissertation and Graduation Requirements

Thesis and Dissertation
The Thesis/Dissertation process is mandated by the Graduate School for all masters with thesis and PhD students. Although the Graduate School no longer requires a format check, the College of Engineering continues to perform a format check and has specific deadlines which are in advance of the Graduate School's deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to be fully aware of the requirements of both the College of Engineering and the Graduate School and meet them. Not following the standards required may seriously impede the graduation process of the student. Provided below are some important links to help you get started with the process. Remember: Deadlines approach much faster than you anticipate.

Thesis students, please note! If a student enrolled in the thesis option has taken thesis credits (EEL 6971) but elects to change to a non-thesis tract, the accumulated thesis credits cannot be exchanged or converted to another non-structured credit option. The 6971 hours will remain on the transcript and will retain the "Z" grade. If a student changes from thesis to non-thesis during a semester and is currently enrolled in thesis credits, the current thesis credits may be exchanged if a Graduate School Petition is filed with the Graduate School not later than the last day of drop/withdraw without academic penalty.

The graduation application form is available in OASIS under the Student Menu. Simply click on the link that says "Apply for Graduation" and follow the quick instructions.

The College of Engineering also requires that you complete a graduation checklist. Once you fill out the graduation checklist bring it to your department for review and approval. Not completing the checklist will cause an undesirable delay in the graduation process.

Graduation Ceremonies
College of Engineering
All graduates, who have not been previously inducted will receive an invitation to participate in the Induction into the Profession Ceremony when they registered to graduate.

For university commencement ceremony information and registration please visit USF Commencement for more information.

Graduation Deadlines
Graduating students, your graduation application form and graduation checklist need to be completed prior to the start of the term you plan to graduate.

Once you've applied to graduate, your department and Engineering Student Services will check that you are meeting the requirements for degree certification. If not, there's good news. Since you submitted your forms prior to the start of the term you will have the opportunity to change your class schedule or address missing requirements by drop/add week of your graduating semester.

Note: Students applying for graduation late, past the university deadline, will not have their name included in the commencement program. Late applications have additional delays, visit the Registrar's office for more information.