PhD Research Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering


wang lab

Nanomanufacturing, NanoMaterials, and NanoMechanics Laboratory  
Aim: Ångström-precise manufacturing of 2D materials and quantum-scale sensors and device platforms
Michael Cai Wang, Assistant Professor | Email | Lab Website
Research Areas: Nano-science/nano-manufacturing, interfacial/surface phenomena 
One PhD Position |  Multiple REU Positions


murphy lab

Murphy Lab Bio-Fluid Mechanics
Aim: To understand flapping flight at low Reynolds numbers by sea butterflies "flying" in water and tiny insects flying in air.
David Murphy, Assistant Professor |Email |Lab Website
Research Areas:  Fluid Mechanics, Animal Biomechanics, Oil Spills     
One PhD Position


mao lab

BioFluid and BioSolid Modeling Lab
Aim: Investigate fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems in cardiovascular biomechanics, cell manipulation in microfluidics, and hemodynamics
Wenbin Mao, Assistant Professor|Email|Lab Website
Research Areas: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Cardiovascular Biomechnics
Two PhD Positions


zhong lab

Green Lab - Energy Harvesting Technologies
Aim:  Advanced energy harvesting technology for flexible and wearable devices. Good understanding in polymers.
Sarah (Ying) Zhong, Assistant Professor|Email|Lab Website
Research Areas: Energy Management Technologies and Smart Health Improvement Systems
One PhD Position


diaz lab

Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing 
Aim: Investigate how environmental and process conditions influence the productivity and degradation of production systems.  
Nancy Diaz-Elsayed, Assistant Professor|Email
Research Areas: Smart Manufacturing and Sustainable Systems  
One PhD Position