Frank and Ellen Daveler Entrepreneurship Program

Student Comments

"As a businesswoman growing up as an artist I strive to strengthen my professional skills and expand my networking channels. Mastering this capabilities will equip myself and my business with the vital attributes for success"
- Tina Piracci

"I look forward to growing as a business professional and know with certainty that I will be able to look back at this as one of the more valuable experiences during my undergraduate career"
- Bijen Patel

"This award is the first step to making this dream a reality, and now that I was lucky enough to receive this award, I can put things in motion"
- Nicholas Pavlakis

"As someone who was deliberating on whether to make my idea a reality, you have inspired me to chase my dreams. I have the confidence to go through the learning experience of creating a business. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my dreams a reality"
- Niharika Baviriseaty

"I will be able to focus completely on the development of this new business while also lessening the financial burden of senior year expenses. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the program and am encouraged by the students, judges, and mentors that I have met through this process"
- Cristopher Wagner

"The internship and mentors guidance has helped me to take my business idea to the next level"
- Emma Donahue