Student Innovation Incubator

Desmond Williams chatting about AquaMelon
Incubator Launch

New business incubator encourages student entrepreneurship
A new Student Innovation Incubator, a partnership between the USF Center for Entrepreneurship and USF Connect, will help aspiring entrepreneurs take their business ideas from concept to reality.

The USF Student Innovation Incubator (SII) has operated as a partnership between the USF CFE and USF Office of Research & Innovation since 2012. The Center's faculty, staff, and alumni support and mentor the student companies through education, training, and connection to the business community.

Since inception, more than 100 student companies have been nurtured, accelerated, and launched. These new ventures create opportunities for students and recent alumni to chart their own careers. The new businesses create employment opportunities for the student founders, as well as, others in the community.

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