Study Abroad

Planning For Study Abroad

  1. Know which type of program you plan to attend (direct, transfer, or exchange). Note: Financial aid may not be available for non-USF sponsored/exchange programs
  2. Meet with a financial aid advisor to discuss your financial aid options
  3. Sign up for e-Deposit in OASIS to easily access your funds after your enrollment is confirmed
  4. Plan ahead to use your own funds to pay all required expenses before your financial aid pays.
    • Financial aid will not pay before USF's standard payment date each term.
    • If you participate in a transfer or exchange program, your financial aid will not pay until verification of your enrollment at the school abroad is received.
    • Enrollment verification must be received from your school abroad after the first week of classes at the school, and your classes must match those on your study abroad contract (see below if your classes are not registered at USF).
  5. Short term loans are available to help you with pre-departure costs, if you qualify (financial aid appointment required). 
  6. Meet with an Education Abroad (EA) advisor to confirm your program
    • Direct programs have no additional requirements
    • Transfer and exchange programs require you to complete the financial aid study abroad contract
  7. Attend the mandatory pre-departure meeting held by Education Abroad

If your classes are not registered at USF, you must: