Winter Session

Course Registration Process

Who Can Register?
The following types of students can register for USF Winter Session accelerated courses:

Student Types:
USF Student* – Students that are currently degree seeking at the University of South Florida

Transient – Students that are currently enrolled in a Florida public college or university other than USF

Visiting – Students that are currently enrolled in a college or university outside the state of Florida or at a private college or university within the state of Florida

Non-degree – Students that are currently not enrolled as degree seeking students in any institution of higher education

View registration directions and download the course list 

*Due to its accelerated nature USF students are encouraged to take only one course during Winter Session. However, if you would like to take two Winter Session courses and your grade point average (GPA) falls between 2.75-3.32, you can complete a form to request advisor approval. Students with GPA's above 3.32 may take two courses without advisor approval. Students with GPA below 2.75 may take only one course.