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Major Reselection

Undergraduate Studies offers major re-selection services to students who are at risk for not meeting their current major’s progression policy. Examples of degree progression standards include, but are not limited to: college or major GPA, D/F grade policies and/or course repeat/withdrawal policies. Specific progression requirements for individual academic programs are listed in the undergraduate catalog under each academic major ( 

Major reselection advisors are here to help you create a parallel plan for a potential new major based on your goals, interests, and academic strengths. We can also provide you with resources to help improve your success in your current major. We hope that you are successful and can continue in your current major. Alternatively, you may decide you are no longer happy in your current major and would prefer to switch. Or, you may be required to re-select a major because you no longer meet the degree progression requirement for your original major. Either way, major reselection majors are here to make sure you are successful from this point forward.

Choosing a new major requires active participation by both you and the advisor.  During the major re-selection process, your advisor will explore the degree options available to you and may refer you to campus resources that can further assist you in making an informed decision. 

All degree plans and courses should be discussed with an academic advisor.  Should you end up changing your major, you are expected to meet with your new academic advisor immediately upon declaring your new major. 

We also have some resources for students who are interested in changing their major, but this process can look different depending on if you’re a new incoming student or if you’re a continuing student. Please select the description below that best fits your situation to find helpful information pertaining to you!

Contact the Major Reselection team in Undergraduate Studies by email: 

I'm an Incoming New Student (Freshman or Transfer) Voluntarily Changing My Major

If you are a new student and looking to change your major before arriving for Orientation, please fill out the survey linked below. Your request will be directed to the appropriate major advisor, and they will reach out to you.

Incoming Student Survey to Change Major


I'm a Current Student Voluntarily Changing My Major

Use this section if you would like to explore majors on your own using our self-service tools.

Explore USF Majors on Your Own Using Assessment Tools

Major Declaration Process by College

Schedule an Appointment with A Major Advisor


I'm a Current Student Being Reselected by My College

If you have been notified by your college that you must choose a new major, utilize the resources in this section. Resources included will help you explore other major options. Major reselection advisors will contact students and set up advising appointments to assist students in selecting a new college major.  

Note: Appointments are reserved only for students who have been reselected by their major/college.

Explore USF Majors on Your Own Using Assessment Tools

Major Declaration Process by College