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Thank you so much for being an adjunct for Undergraduate Studies. We truly appreciate your time and effort in educating our students. Below you will find useful information for adjuncts including a link where you can submit your syllabus each semester. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Syllabus Submission

It is our policy that each adjunct submit his/her syllabus each semester. Please use the link below to upload your syllabus into our Box folder. Please save the file in the following format: Last name_prefix number section_semester year (ex: Betancourt_SLS 2505 001_F20.docx)

Submit Here

Important Dates

 Each semester there are important deadlines for instructors such as First Day Attendance and mid-term grades. The link below takes you to the Registrar's website with all of the upcoming semester deadlines. 

Important Dates


  • Incomplete Grades: "I" Grades are given to students under very specific circumstances (USF "I" Grade Policy). Instructors must submit final grades and the Incomplete Grade contract using e-Grades in Canvas. Select "I" for incomplete and report any remaining coursework to be completed, the student’s last day of attendance, and the percent of work accomplished to this point to the Registrar's office via e-Grades. Students will receive a copy by email.
  • Academic Dishonesty: Faculty have the right to exercise judgment in cases of academic dishonesty. For more information on Academic Dishonesty, including the use of the FF grade, please click here.
  • Other USF policies: USF has many policies and procedures helpful to instructors. Please see ATLE's Policies and Procedures page for information on a variety of important policies.


USF's Academy of Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) has many helpful resources for instructors. Below are a few specific resources you may find helpful.

Professional Development

 We understand that for many of our UGS adjuncts, teaching is not your primary job. However, we still feel that it is important for you to develop your teaching skills for the benefit of both you and your students. Below are some resources designed to help you further develop your skills in the classroom.

  • Academy for Teaching and Learning: As mentioned previously, ATLE has some wonderful opportunities for professional development. They have an entire site on Teaching as well as a variety of in-person workshops.
  • UGS Assessment of Teaching: UGS has our own method of evaluating our adjuncts and helping them develop in the classroom. Click here to learn more about our process.
  • Enter for a Chance to Win: We understand that, as adjuncts, the time spent developing your craft is not always compensated. To encourage you in your professional development, we will hold a drawing every year for a chance to win a tablet. Each time you complete a professional development experience, submit your evidence here. Each submission will be another chance for you to win!
  • UGS Star Adjuncts: These adjuncts have done a stellar job for UGS. Please feel free to review their bios and reach out to them for any questions regarding teaching for UGS.

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Interested in Teaching for UGS?

We welcome new and returning adjuncts to apply to adjunct with UGS. Please click here to indicate your interest.