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Undergraduate Studies has four minors: Leadership Studies, Aerospace Studies, Military Leadership, and Naval Science and Leadership. Below are links to the catalog minor information and minor applications. For further information, contact: Leadership Minors Studies minor, contact Michael Severy,, 813-974-7595 ROTC Aerospace Studies minor, send inquiries to, 813-974-3367 ROTC Military Leadership & Naval Science and Le

Leadership Studies

The program has a unique approach to leadership education that combines practical theories and opportunities for students to study the characteristics of authority, leadership, social and role dynamics, political processes and the values that orient their careers.

Aerospace Studies

This program will provide the student an understanding of management and leadership concepts as they relate to military officers.

Military Leadership

This minor lays out a leadership framework that allows students to apply leadership concepts learned in the classroom.

Naval Science and Leadership

The minor lays out a framework by which the Navy and Marine Corps conduct routine operations and planning and it also provides a foundation in design theory with a practical application to naval platforms and weapon systems.

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