UGS Minors

Military Leadership

The minor in Military Leadership entails a 18-hour program organized and coordinated through the Department of Military Science. A minimum of 14 of the 18 hours must be earned at USF and the student must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the minor. A minimum grade of "C" or better must be maintained in each course. "S" grades will not be accepted. This program is designed to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of Army leadership doctrine and the fundamental principles by which Army leaders act to accomplish their mission. This minor lays out a leadership framework that allows students to apply leadership concepts learned in the classroom. Additional emphasis is placed on character development, oral and written communication, physical and mental fitness, and military small unit operations.

REQUIRED COURSES (Total of 14 Credit Hours)

MSL 3201C Adaptive Team Leadership (3)
MSL 3202C Leadership in Changing Environments (3)
MSL 4301C Developing Adaptive Leaders (3)
MSL 4302C Leadership in a Complex World (3)
MSL 2900* Army Physical Readiness (1)

*repeated for two semesters; may be repeated up to four semesters, however only two credits will count toward minor.


Combination of 4 credit hours from any of the military elective courses below:
MSL 1001C Leadership and Personal Development (2)
MSL 1002C Introduction to Tactical Leadership (2)
MSL 2101C Innovative Team Leadership (2)
MSL 2102C Foundations of Tactical Leadership (2)
MSL 2901 Basic Leader Training (4)
MSL 4930 Advanced Directed Study and Research (1-3)
AFR 1101 The Air Force Today: Organization and Doctrine (1)
AFR 1120 The Air Force Today: Structure and Roles (1)
AFR 2130 U.S. Air Power: Ascension to Prominence (1)
AFR 2140 U.S. Air Power: Key to Deterrence (1)
AFR 3220 Air Force Leadership and Management I (3)
AFR 3231 Air Force Leadership and Management II (3)
AFR 4201 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society I (3)
AFR 4211 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society II (3)

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