UGS Minors

Naval Science and Leadership

The minor in Naval Science and Leadership entails an 18-hour program organized and coordinated through the Department of Naval Science. A minimum of 14 of the 18 credit hours must be earned at USF and the student must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the minor. A minimum grade of "C" or better must be maintained in each course. "S" grades will not be accepted. This program is designed to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of Naval leadership doctrine and the fundamental principles by which Navy and Marine Corps leaders act to accomplish their mission. The minor lays out a framework by which the Navy and Marine Corps conduct routine operations and planning and it also provides a foundation in design theory with a practical application to naval platforms and weapon systems. Special emphasis is placed on character development and effective communication skills.

REQUIRED COURSES (Total of 12 Credit Hours)

NSC 1110 Introduction to Naval Science (3)
NSC 1140 Sea Power and Maritime Affairs (3)
NSC 2231 Principles of Naval Management I (3)
NSC 4232 Principles of Naval Management II (3)


Combination of 6 credit hours from any of the naval science courses below:
NSC 2121 Naval Ship Systems I (3)
NSC 2212C Navigation/Naval Operations I: Navigation (3)
NSC 2221 Evolution of Warfare (3)
NSC 3123 Naval Ship Systems II (3)
NSC 3214C Navigation/Naval Operations II: Seamanship and Ship Operations (3)
NSC 3225 Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare (3)

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