Digital Learning Resources


The following are resources for some of the most asked questions about Canvas.

Canvas Guides

The Canvas instructor guides page provides a comprehensive overview of all Canvas tutorials.

Canvas Menus and Modules

The structure of your Canvas course is critical. The Canvas Guides show you how to customize your course menu in Canvas and the Canvas video will give you an overview of using the Module tools.

Canvas Grading & Assignments

These resources provide tutorials on the most asked questions regarding Grading & Assignments.

Canvas Course Administration

The following links will show you how to add individuals to your course and modify their role as needed, how to import an existing course into a new course shell, how to use this handy tool to scan your course shell for broken or inaccessible links and will walk you through the process of copying and importing specific elements of a course.

Canvas Course Communication

The following tutorials explain some Canvas tools you can use to communicate with your students, whether you're giving information about the course that all must know or more personal information to share with students individually.

Information to Share with Students

Sometimes you want to make sure that students understand how to find vital information in your course. Following are guides for which we receive frequent questions.

Canvas Commons

Canvas Commons provides shared content and templates to use within your Canvas Course.

Comprehensive Training on Canvas Basics

This course provides training that will introduce you to the key functions and tools of Canvas so you can quickly become familiar with our LMS and successfully manage your Canvas course.